The mood board created for this modern wedding in Greece was a long time in the making, I wanted to create something elegant, delicate and serene whilst also packing a mega styling punch. The vision for this editorial epitomised a design for a contemporary, style driven and minimalist bride who is willing to push creative boundaries, yet with an underpinning air of complete elegance.

Dexamenes Seaside Hotel, a postwar winery that has been transformed into a barefoot resort on one of the most unspoiled stretches of coastline in the western Peloponnese, was the perfect location to bring my vision to life. Respecting the materials, the history and the raw beauty of the industrial structures, new life was given in to the abandoned factory by transforming its austere functionality into a place of calm, comfort and relaxation.

A textural combination of dried foliage is seen throughout the whole styling. The colour palette was kept to neutral and earthy shades with textures and tones being key to the look.  An oversized bridal bouquet was created using a variety of dried foliage whilst a massive installation made of dried palm leaves framed the ceremony to add texture, volume and to contrast the sleek look of our muse.

An element of extravagance was needed to complement the minimalist aesthetic of the styling so the idea of a goddess-like headpiece began to form in my mind. The floral headpiece literally crowned my vision and had a major visual impact.

The table design was kept minimal and stylish.  Organic, draping linen and a combination of ceramic tableware in muted but oh so beautiful shades brought the refined elements to the design. The dried foliage along the length of the table added a pop of texture whilst the slim shape of the cutlery and the subtle design of the ceramic bud vases in creamy white and earthy brown tones elevated the table styling from simply elegant to creatively unique.

The dresses used in this shoot were all in-keeping with the delicate, earthy and modern feel of the styling, with sleek lines and stunning fabrics.  Once the bridal look was set, the selection of the jewellery came quite easy. This collection of beautiful jewelry is molded with natural materials sourced from the heart of Peloponnese. As for the bridal look, from the sleek wavy hairstyle to the informal side bun and the delicate earthy makeup, our muse was kept simple and natural enhancing her natural features.

With a handpicked team of talented and skilled professionals alongside me, we created something truly unique channeling minimalism vibes with organic and natural design.  So, dive with us in a spectacular modern wedding inspiration.

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Modern Bride Portrait
Modern Wedding In Greece - Table Setting
Modern Bride Portrait
Bride Portrait
Modern Wedding In Greece - Table Setting
Modern Wedding In Greece - Bridal Bouquet
Modern Wedding In Greece - Art De La Table
Modern Wedding In Greece - Table Set
Fine Art Wedding In Greece - Floral Headpiece
Modern Fine Art Wedding
Dexamenes Seaside Hotel Wedding
Modern Wedding Details
Dexamenes Seaside Hotel Wedding
Modern Wedding In Greece - Bride Portrait
Art De La Table
Photography: Adrian Wood